Imperia is currently doing business worldwide

Imperia ships goods through these world class facilities:

The Howland Hook Marine Terminal

The port has a ship berth that is 3,000 ft (914m) long on the Arthur Kill. The berth is 42 ft (13 m) deep for a 2300 ft (701 m), and 37 ft (11 m) deep for the remaining 700 ft (210 m) of berth. It handles 412,000 square feet (38,000 m²) containers and includes deep-freeze, refrigeration and United States Customs Service inspection. It has an on-site intermodal rail connection for shipping across the Arthur Kill to New Jersey and the national rail network. This is part of the North Shore Branch of the Staten Island Railway, which leads into the Arlington Yard, and the Travis branch, along the West Shore.

Durres Container Terminal

The port of Durres is the key entry point of goods in Albania and as such is considered essential for the long term development of the country. To promote the flow of containerized goods into Albania and increase the competitive advantage of the port in the region, the Government wants to introduce private-sector participation, which will also transform the Durres from a Service Port to a Landlord Port, as required by Port Authority Law. IFC will assist the Port of Durres Authority and the Government of Albania to prepare and launch an international bid for the selection of a specialized, highly competent container terminal operator under a long-term concession.

The Aqaba Container Terminal

A world class port, serving as a major gateway for transit cargo moving to and from countries in the region as well as for the Jordanian market.

Situated at the cross road of 3 continents and 4 countries, Aqaba enjoys an attractive location in the heart of the Levant and caters to more than fifteen of the world’s top shipping lines.  APM Terminals, a global port operator and part of the well-known A.P. Møller–Maersk Group, manages, operates and markets the terminal in a partnership with the Aqaba Development Corporation.


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